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Hopefully, next years Super-Bowl will bring us better entertainment!

I’ll admit it, I hardly even watch football during the season. I prefer to watch my son play flag football out on a ragged little football field. There is something home town and unique about it. With its grass divots and the smell of dirt. Along with your occasional lollipop stick and gum wrappers drifting from one side of the field to another. In comparison to that halftime show during the Super-Bowl I will take the home town advantage. Come on…. what was up with those boxes on the dancers heads? It looked to me as if Tron the movie meets really bad halftime show. And poor Fergie‘s mic failed to work sometime during the first verse. Now, I thought that bringing Slash back to life, was a pretty cool trick. And his playing even sounded as good as it did a decade ago. To bad they could only prop him up for a minute or so. Hopefully, next years Super-Bowl will bring us better entertainment. Something that has some staying power. Maybe something as unique as that lonely football field in your home town!

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Jobs are up! Jobs are down!

Jobs are up! Jobs are down!!…

I really get sick of hearing all the see-sawing from the talking heads about the positive job market numbers during Christmas time. Come on most people hopefully realize that before Christmas time businesses hire to get them through the season.And then turn them loose after the season is done. Now with some respect, I would agree that during this time one could make the statement that the markets are in deed hiring. “But it should be made clear that it’s just seasonal work and temporary at best.”   It happens every year. Regardless, of  the markets current down swing or up swing. Another thing that I  find along the same lines. Is that right after tax season every year like clock work. We hear reports that people are really making money. And therefore they are out spending it.  Well, once again it’s just a distorted report. People have always spent their income tax returns pretty much right after they get them.”I know I do!” But to listen to the Government reports and the news casters one might think that your boss forgot to include you in on the secret bonus. That most people must be receiving  because the spending trends reflect it. Am I just not seeing it? or what? Some things are really simple to understand when you just look at them in simple terms. One should always examine what is the under lying foundation that is holding up the information that they are seeing or hearing!. Hopefully society as a whole will start to Question! Question! Question!

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Could the Chinese eventually end the way we do online business?

Could the Chinese eventually end the way we do online business?  Sound impossible? Not really, when you consider the fact that the Chinese  government already knows how to control its country’s online habits. They have a successful track record of control. Not knowing how to do business with such constraints even Google had to pull out of the Chinese market.

But the real concern on my part is not really the fact that China has control of its networks. But the fact that they are building a modern 5th generation military infrastructure the likes of no other country in current history. They are right at the heels of America’s  military know how. And if we don’t wake up soon China will run right by us. And you are not gonna realize it. Until it’s to late. The American people might find themselves  reflecting on it while bending over to work in their back yard rice paddies. Or maybe they will come to that realization while trading in their forks for chop sticks.

Sounds crazy! But if the Chinese already practice Cyber warfare. Which we know they do. We just have a hard time proving it. Security firms in the USA have found that attacks have been seen coming from locations within the Chinese country. Now some people in the USA, would comment “Well we do it too” Well, maybe so. And that’s a good thing. But our Government does not wholly and freely control common network backbones of business in the USA. While we know the Chinese do.

“Knowing that one fact….The Chinese government controls its network backbones.” For the most part when examined, it’s easy to see that any high level traffic coming from that country must also be working within those control confines. Being run by the Chinese government.

Take that coupled with a powerful Chinese military, top rate Chinese space program, total internet networking control and a weak USA across the board. And you will find that you might just lose everything you worked so hard for. Including the ability to conduct online business for free. It could disappear overnight. Even before the bullets and bombs start falling.

Also, I would go so far as to say…..That a preempted strike on America’s networks would be the first thing you see attacked. In the old days, Battleships would lay a barrage of artillery to soften the coast line before the Marines hit the shore. Giving them an edge to win the battle. In the same way, the Chinese would soften us through digital meltdown.

I know that some reading this are thinking….”why would the Chinese slice its economic throat and attack the United States Of America?” While that would be a negative impact in the short-term for China. It’s no big deal when the world economy is no longer banking on the worthless dollar. And by that time China will have created all it’s alliances and saved for the rainy days. No pain no gain, comes to mind.

I’m not trying to be a doom and gloom writer here. I’m just feeling that people need to be more aware of what’s going on and how that might impact their families and their livelihood.

Conducting an online business from a rice paddy standing knee-deep in mud is not my idea of a great retirement.

Chinese Stealth Fighter….Bet you never thought you would see this!

Chinese Stealth Fighter

We might not see it coming from the air and on our eCommerce!

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The eCommerce square.

First off you must know that we absolutely use the products that we are selling to you. My motto is “don’t try to reinvent the web wheel when it comes to the eCommerce square.”Just use the great tools already available and learn to use them to your advantage as a user. Let someone else develop it!. This gives you more time to figure how to create that online income. That you are craving so much. And you have to want it! Desire it! have a passion for selling your product or service online. It’s an addiction. Once you get started hopefully you will never stop seeking that internet high.

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“Blogging, thoughts behind the internut struggle!”

This Blog is dedicated to all the hard work, I have put into making my online business as successful as I can make them. And in doing so hopefully we can benefit from one another. It also might let me blow off some steam! So I’m keeping it real!

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