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Jobs are up! Jobs are down!

Jobs are up! Jobs are down!!…

I really get sick of hearing all the see-sawing from the talking heads about the positive job market numbers during Christmas time. Come on most people hopefully realize that before Christmas time businesses hire to get them through the season.And then turn them loose after the season is done. Now with some respect, I would agree that during this time one could make the statement that the markets are in deed hiring. “But it should be made clear that it’s just seasonal work and temporary at best.”   It happens every year. Regardless, of  the markets current down swing or up swing. Another thing that I  find along the same lines. Is that right after tax season every year like clock work. We hear reports that people are really making money. And therefore they are out spending it.  Well, once again it’s just a distorted report. People have always spent their income tax returns pretty much right after they get them.”I know I do!” But to listen to the Government reports and the news casters one might think that your boss forgot to include you in on the secret bonus. That most people must be receiving  because the spending trends reflect it. Am I just not seeing it? or what? Some things are really simple to understand when you just look at them in simple terms. One should always examine what is the under lying foundation that is holding up the information that they are seeing or hearing!. Hopefully society as a whole will start to Question! Question! Question!

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